Chie Yamamoto

She is studying at an American medical school with a vision to become medical misinary staff to serve in Asian third countries. This letter is shown here with permission by her mother, a member of Kingdom Fellowship Church.

Oct 10, 2000

Greeting from Norwich, England. It is exactly 10 years ago when I was sent off by Pastor Jim Randall and the church to begin the journey God has called in my life. My desire then was was to go into medical missions for our Lord Jesus Chirst. By God's grace I still have that desire, perhaps even more so now. Currently I am a third year medical student doing a surgery rotation in England. It is only by God's grace and mercy I am where I am at now.

Ten years ago I got accepted intoa chrisitian college near Chicago. It was a miracle not only of my acceptance into college but that God provided financially. It was not difficult for me to have faith when you are surrounded by such wonderful role models such as Jim, Paula, Yaw,a and many other people from YCC. Those of youwho know the SATs (the exam you have to take when you apply to American universities) -the avg score at my college was over 1400. Guess what I got -score of 600. Till this day I truly believe God caused momentary blindness to the admissions staff when they read my application. Then after college I worked for about 3 years doing reserch. During this time I had to take another exam to apply to medical school. The terrible test taker that I am I didn't do well again. The average score at my medical school is over 8. Guess what I got for this exam-I had only a 4. But still got into medical school. Of course it was God's doing because the interviewer that I had for medical school, his fatherwas from the smalltown where I went to elementary school in Malaysia. Now what is the chance of that happening? I had wonderful references from my reserch job as well. God just used my past to get me into the medcial school.

Some of you may thinking, oh my God, she must be a dumb medical student. I just want to allay your fear by saying that I passed the national board exam in Americ this summer. Of course I know that it was inly by God's grace and mercy. One thing that I learned is that God knows what you need to get you where he wants you to be. All he asks of you is your love, dedication, and obedience.

I think the bigest and most difficult thing I had to face is finances for medical school. It costs about US$40,000 per year and medical school is 4 years. When I think US$160,000, it just seemed so unsurmountable. But as you all know our God is not limited by anything. There was a point after my first year (Jan. '99) God performed a miracle once again. I received 50% scholarship and 50% loan from the school tp cover the tuition. Basically the school gave me assistance to US$100,000. This has never happened at the school before. The financial aid person said "you must be a very special person". I grinned and agreed- after all I am a child of the Lord. I never know when the cash will come in to pay for rent or food. Honestly, it hasn't been totally easy. There are days when my flesh takes over and I get quite anxious of where I can get money to pay for rent, books, food...etc...But God has never failed--after all he did supply $100,000 of tuition. If you let him take care of things, he trulysend surprises.

This path and journey to become a medical missionary is a very narrow road. And I must admit that it has been very lonely. There are moments of joy such as being at the hospital connecting with patients or prayers has kept me going, I hope that you will continue to uplift me in prayer as I continue my journey to be a medical missionary-hopefully in South East Aisa or China. You can pray specially for me:

1. Finances for rent, food, books,travel and examination fees
2. Spiritual life
3. Loneliness
4. The neverending exams...

I is so difficult to write all that I'vee learned and all that God has done in just one page. Words cannot justly what I want to share. But I hope you get a glimpse of God and his wonderful works. Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Him, Chie Yamamoto
c/o N.A.N.I.M.E
Norfolk and Norwich Hospital
Norwich, Norfolk NR1 3SR